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Terms & Conditions – Cash Back Promotion

THE R1000.00 QUOTE PROMOTION (Claim free for three consecutive years)


Omni Group have the following terms and conditions applicable to this promotion. By taking part in this promotion, you agree to be automatically bound by these terms and conditions.

  1. Basics of the promotion:

We are offering to pay R1000 in cash for any instance where a person who is not a current client of Omni Group completes a personal motorcycle or combined house & car insurance quote with us, and where the Omni Group quote is more expensive, on a like-for like basis, than what that person is currently paying for his/her insurance elsewhere. The person must not have had a motorcycle, home, or car claim in the last 36 consecutive months and must have been insured by the same insurer for 36 months to qualify. This promotion only applies to quotes done from 5 October 2021 onwards.

  1. You will NOT be eligible if any:

2.1 Person is an existing Omni Group client.

2.2 Person requests a commercial insurance quote.

2.3 Person has already received their payment for this or any other Omni Group quote promotion in the last 6 months.

2.4 Person who is the regular driver of the motorcycle or car being quoted has had a vehicle claim in the last 36 months.

2.5 Person who has had a policy cancelled by Omni Group or any other insurer within the last 6 months.

2.6 Person who is deemed an “unacceptable risk” as determined by Omni Group’s underwriting criteria.

  1. What do you have to DO TO QUALIFY and take part in this promotion?

3.1 Obtain a personal motorcycle or car & home insurance quote from Omni Group for a motorcycle or home & car that you currently have insured with a company that sells motorcycle, home & car insurance to the public of South Africa.

3.2 If the Omni Group quote is more expensive than what you are currently paying, on a like-for-like basis and you haven’t had a motorcycle, home or car claim in the last 36 months and you have been insured by the same insurer for 36 months, ask us for your R1000.00 and submit the required information via email to info@omnigroup.co.za within 30 days of us sending you the quote via e-mail.

3.3 Part of the information required above will be a schedule of your existing insurance cover, confirming that the insurance was effective for at least 30 days prior to the date of our quote. The schedule should not be older than 30 days. We also require a claims history letter that should not be older than 48 hours.

  1. Further IMPORTANT Conditions:

4.1 This promotion only applies to Omni Group personal motorcycle, home, and car insurance.

4.2 The motorcycle, home & car(s) insured with your current insurer must have been insured for at least the past 36 months at that insurer.

4.3 The regular rider/driver of the motorcycle or car must have had motorcycle or car insurance for the past 36 months at the same insurer.

4.4 If we quote you on multiple motorcycles or cars, the insurance premium that you currently pay on that will be compared to the Omni Group quote and must include the total premium for all motorcycles & cars quoted, as well as all policy costs/fees and broker commissions.

4.5 You must have access to the Internet and e-mail.

4.6 More than one payment will not be made to a person who completes multiple individual quotes on the same or on separate motorcycles, home & cars for which we are more expensive than the current insurance premium. Payments to separate members of the same family will be allowed provided the conditions of this promotion are met.