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Business insurance can be a somewhat daunting exercise if you are not too familiar with commercial cover and all the extensions & complexities.

The bigger the company, the greater the complexity and impact of your choices on both you, your staff and customers. That’s why we’re here to help you secure the most suitable insurance products for your organisation.


Accidental Damage Insurance
When running your business potential accidents can happen, you need to make sure you have covered these uncertainties and safe guard your company against the unexpected.

Definition of cover: This covers the insured for physical type loss, damage to property belonging to the insured.

Accounts Receivable Insurance
Running a successful business does require that regular checks be done on accounts maintaining a healthy level of cash flow. This however creates paperwork which essentially needs to be safe guarded against any hazards that may destroy these records.

Definition of cover: Insurance cover against perils such as fire, water, burglary or other listed events resulting in a financial loss been suffered by the insured for outstanding debit balances owed to the company.

All Risk Insurance
Whatever your profession, these days we are required to be “Out & About” a lot more than in the past. Your company possessions that you carry on you are therefore exposed to something happening more frequently.

Definition of cover: This is worldwide cover for your portable possessions, cover is subject to you specifying the exact item and value thereto. Examples of such items are, laptops, cell phones and work tools for your specific trade.

Body Corporate Insurance
This is a product specific to the managing agents that manage the communal areas of residential complex, estates and the building thereto.

Definition of cover: This particular product covers the common property, gates & motors to the complex, security systems & boundary walls against perils such as (fire, theft, impact, earthquake or weather damage).

Building Combined Insurance
If your business or you personally own the building that you work or live in then this insurance should be taken separately to safeguard you against any unexpected events happening that may cause the business or you financial loss.

Definition of cover: This part of the insurance policy will cover you against the following perils, (fire & allied perils, loss of rent due to an insured event occurring, property owners liability, theft following forcible entry).

Business Interruption Insurance
You as the insured need to safe guard your business against loss of profits should an insurable event occur which leaves the business premises out of action and therefore causing financial loss.

Definition of cover: Cover for an insured peril, it can be extended to cover key suppliers and key customers in the event of them suffering an insured loss which in turn affects your profitability. Your business can then claim for a loss in this respect. Cover can also cover interruption of public utilities, examples of this would be: water and electricity, telecoms and the like thereof.

Construction Insurance
If you are in the business of construction or engineering then you need to have a highly specialised product to meet the needs of your industry. We have a product to meet your specific needs and make sure your risk exposures are kept to a minimum.

Definition of cover: Cover which includes a variety of standard and specialist insurances including construction liabilities & guarantees.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

In a fast paced business world our electronic communications have become even faster and a vital part of our day to day duties.

Definition of cover: This part of the policy provides cover for the loss or damage to electronic equipment by an insured peril which includes items such as: switchboards, fax machines, internet connectivity devices, printers etc.

Employer's Liability Insurance
Accidents at work happen, this is just part of life. Make sure your company is safe guarded against any liability that may occur out of any such event.

Definition of cover: Any cost that the company would legally become liable to pay from bodily injury, illness or even death whilst performing his/hers duties of the job. The employee would need to have a written contract of service in order to claim.

Engineering Insurance
Because this is such a complex industry it requires a specialist type insurance product that will cover you for all eventualities. The right liability and construction guarantees need to be in place along with other cover that will give you ultimately full protection against a loss occurring.

Definition of cover: The cover is vast and covers anything from the building of bridges, residential or commercial property to very unique construction as and when a business is required to do so. It covers plant and machinery for theft or damage, it covers machinery breakdown due to mechanical or electrical malfunction causing financial loss to the company whilst not in use. It also covers plant and machinery whilst being transported, dismantled and erected at various operational sites.

Fidelity Insurance
Protect your business from dishonest employees who may cause major financial loss or damage to the reputation of your business.

Definition of cover: This particular cover is vital to a business and covers the business against loss suffered through theft of money or assets of the company which has a direct financial impact on the business. Cover in this respect can be bought on an employee named basis or by way of blanket cover for all staff employed by the business.

Fire And Allied Perils Insurance
Cover your business for any event that may cause unforeseen damage to your business. This section of the insurance policy covers your plant & machinery, contents of the business, any tenant improvements made on a leased property including fixtures and fittings.

Definition of cover: Cover in this respect would protect your business against the following insured perils that may occur: fire, storm, water damage, impact by vehicles or animals, wind, falling of trees, subsidence and landslip etc.

Glass Insurance
All glass & mirrors in your business both within the premises and on the external of the building needs to be insured against possible breakage. This would include any sign writing that has been specifically made for the windows.

Definition of cover: This would cover any loss in the event of an insured peril occurring that would cause breakage of damage to glass as mentioned above. It is easy to overlook the cover you need in this respect e.g.: fridge glass or cake counters in a coffee shop all need to be noted and included in the cover.

Goods In Transit Insurance
When transporting goods for your business by road, sea, rail or air you need to make sure that the cargo being carried is correctly insured should something happen on route to its destination.

Definition of cover: GIT cover can be arranged on private company transport or when professional transporters are called in to convey goods for the business. Cover is generally in place for occurrence such as: accidental damage due to a collision or other, overturning included, fire and theft following these events.

Group Personal Accident Insurance
Give you employees the protection they deserve whilst in your employment and performing their work duties. They are however the backbone of the operation.

Definition of cover: This is cover for your staff/employees protecting them against unforeseen events giving rise to the following: medical expenses due to an injury, death or permanent/temporary disability. Perils covered in these events are injuries caused by accidental, violent external visible means.

Marine Insurance
If you conduct your business on the sea then this cover is for you. From sea fishing and recreational charters to huge container type vessels this cover insures these operations.

Definition of cover: Cover in respect of marine insurance will afford you protection against the following: hull, cargo, machinery breakdown, liability cover, inland and sea transit cover and container insurance to name but a few.

Money Loss Insurance
Business is largely about making money and maintaining positive cash flows. If a loss occurs which causes the business to suffer in this regard the right protection has to be in place to get the operation back on its feet as fast as possible.

Definition of cover: This covers you for loss of money, crossed cheques & postal orders through theft, dishonest business practise and physical destruction of loss thereof during business hours, in transit or from a locked safe.

Motor Insurance
Can you afford to drive your car on the roads of South Africa without insurance, especially if it plays a vital part of generating your businesses income?

Definition of cover: This is cover for your company car/s that are used in the business and form part of the operations of a commercial entity. It is comprehensive cover for multiple drivers and includes liability cover in the event that the vehicle potentially causes damage to a third party.

Motor Traders Insurance
This cover is provided to motor trade industry who have a large amount of stock moving in & out of the dealership on a daily basis, it therefore needs to be safe guarded against theft or damage of this stock.

Definition of cover: Cover is in respect of car dealerships & motor repair agents for loss or damage of their own & customers vehicles at the business premises (Motor traders internal) or whilst away from the premises (Motor traders external).

Office Contents Insurance
This guards against the assets of your business at the address listed which are used in the operations of your everyday trade.

Definition of cover: It covers damage to or loss of office furniture, stationary and loss of rent excluding electronic equipment which needs to be insured separately.

Public Liability Insurance
This cover is very important for any business, big or small. It protects the business and its employees against third party property damage or injuries caused to a third party during the course of business.

Definition of cover: This covers the insured business for damages which you become legally liable to pay to a third party claimant once you have been proven to have been negligent for bodily injury, illness to a person or accidental and tangible physical damage to property. This section runs into other various covers available which are necessary, namely, Product Liability, Defective Workmanship & Work Away Liabilities.

Small Business Insurance
Business is a journey and we all had to start somewhere, this cover is targeted at new start up entrepreneurs. You focus on growing your operation and we will make sure you are covered right from the start and continue to protect your business as it grows from strength to strength.

Definition of cover: Tailor made cover insuring your business against any uncertainties or events that may give rise to a claim. This will be recommended in accordance with your specific business needs and affordability.

Theft Insurance
Crime in South Africa is a very real problem and any business should not overlook the risk we all face in this regard. Make sure to protect your hard-earned business assets.

Definition of cover: Cover as mentioned is for theft of company assets as well as your employees and is limited to the amount you have selected at the time of purchasing the cover. Damage to the property/building will also be included in this section subject to a specified limit.