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Let us help you get the best life protection for you and your family!

Life insurance can easily feel like a grudge purchase which is forced on you when buying property, for example. But with loved ones who depend on you, getting this type of lump sum cover also demonstrates the deep concern you have for their well-being. It will allow them to be in a good financial position when you are no longer around.


Building a successful business requires you to employ great people from the foundation up.

To attract these valuable, skilled individuals to your company and retain them, you have to make your offer enticing. A good salary always helps but what is also enticing is the promise of extra security, like employee benefits insurance.

Our employee benefits schemes are tailored to your company’s needs.

Our typical options include group cover, disability, dread disease and funeral cover. Should the employee leave the company, they will also have the opportunity to continue the cover in their own personal capacity.


We’re concerned about more than protecting your personal well-being, property and business assets. Your financial security is also our concern as it will allow you to plan for and live the lifestyle you choose. That’s why in addition to insurance policies, we also offer advice regarding personal investments and corporate investments.

We will analyse your risk profile and everyday monetary needs. We will advise on an investment solution that suits your pocket whether it be a lump sum or monthly investment model.

We do both local and international investments.


It is vital to have medical aid cover in South Africa.

A company that has its own medical cover and contributions scheme is a drawcard for employees. Whether you head up a growing enterprise or work for a large corporate we can help you structure a benefits package that fits both your company & staff needs and budget.

We will help you set up and manage this potentially confusing and costly cover. Cover ranges from basic hospital plans to full medical aid & related GAP cover.

We also have blue collared & low income earner health cover options available for individuals, families and large groups.


Good or bad, anything can happen anytime, anywhere.

Disability cover is designed to safeguard you and your loved ones financially should an unforeseen incident leave you unable to work either temporarily or permanently. It’s an essential form of income protection at a time when money should be furthest from your thoughts.

Benefits of Disability Cover

  • Insurance suited to your lifestyle and profession.
  • Monthly income and once-off lump sum pay outs available.
  • Secure cover for your family’s basic life expenses (rent, monthly utility bills, school fees etc.)
  • Get extended cover to accommodate the cost of any forced lifestyle changes needed to be done to aid the disability.


We understand that just recovering from chronic illness is hard enough without you having to worry about additional stress of how your debilitating illness will impact financially on you and your loved ones.

Dread disease insurance covers:

This cover protects your income against the impact of serious diseases and conditions such as cancer, stroke and heart attack for example. Cover is designed to make your life easier so that you can concentrate on getting well again. Different to disability insurance, dread disease cover can consist of lump sum and/or monthly pay outs. Top-up and extended cover is also available for 100% peace of mind.


We need to be realistic and not let your hard work building the business slip through your hands.

A possible tragedy that happens to a partner where they pass away or become disabled and unable to work can be detrimental to your business’ future. Buy and sell insurance has been developed to protect businesses both small & medium. It’s great to celebrate good days at your company, but just as important to plan for possible bad days.

This legally binding agreement is the ideal way to protect shareholders’ stake in the business, eliminating stressful uncertainty for everyone involved.

The benefits of buy and sell insurance

  • Funds are immediately available to buy the deceased’s share of the company.
  • No need to rely on unwanted or unwilling new investors.
  • Avoid the interest charged on loans and other urgently collected capital.
  • Ensure fair compensation for the deceased’s family.


At Omni we understand that every entrepreneur and business owner knows the value of employing hard working, motivated and reliable employees.

You try & surround yourself with the best people at all times however their loss can seriously damage your company. Be wise and protect your company against financial disaster by covering your pivotal staff and money-spinners (director, project manager, sales head etc).

Key person insurance provides a lump sum pay out to your company should your identified “key person” die or be incapacitated for an extended period. Policy proceeds allow you to find or up skill a replacement or in a worst case scenario, wind up the business with minimised financial hassle.


Loyal service and hard work should always be rewarded.

As an employee one of the simplest and most appealing job perks is retirement benefits offered by the company. If you are an employer who is considering setting up such a retirement plan for your staff, speak to us about our group retirement annuities.

We will help you devise a retirement savings plan that is affordable, low-risk and tax efficient.