Off-road comprehensive vehicle insurance.

We understand off-road vehicles were made for adventure and we therefore have an exclusive product offering for our off-roading clients. This policy is comprehensive and thus insures your costly vehicle against a multitude of possible risks. We’ve also included additional benefits to cater for all your needs, giving you the off-road advantage.

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Additional Benefits

  • It will cover you for towing and storage of your vehicle – provided that you use your specific road assist emergency number.
  • We cover you whilst driving through certain SADC countries
  • We cover the spare wheel and your cell phone
  • We cover medical expenses up to R5000.00 should anything happen to you whilst driving
  • We include a free tracking device installation
  • We cover accessories to the value of R10 000, but you can choose to increase this to R40 000
  • We offer you the option to increase your Third Party Cover to 5mil, 10mil or 20million, for a small additional fee

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